Providing Pet Lovers Peace Of Mind Since 1975

Critter Sitters provides caring, responsible pet sitting for the owners of much loved dogs, cats, and other pets. We give love and companionship while you’re away.

The Leading Atlanta Pet Sitters

With well over 100 professional, courteous and competent sitters, Critter Sitters is Georgia’s oldest and largest pet sitting company. Cat sitting, dog walking, and all around professional pet care throughout the greater seventeen county Atlanta metropolitan area AND down on the coast in Brunswick and the Golden Isles. If you’re looking for an Atlanta dog walker or cat sitter, contact us today.

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Critter Sitters takes care of over 50,000 pets each year. With over
35 years of experience and 100+ loving and responsible sitters
we have earned our reputation for excellence and dependability
to pets and pet lovers throughout much of Georgia.

When you have to be away from home, you want peace of mind about leaving your pets behind. With Critter Sitters, you'll know that they're getting what they need - fresh food, clean water, exercise, some playtime, a little chilling out, a lot of TLC.

Whether they have fur, scales, fins, feathers, or shells, all pets need TLC when you’re away from home. In fact, many veterinarians recommend that pets stay in their own homes when their owners travel for business or pleasure. After all, we're all most comfortable when we’re in our own familiar surroundings, eat our regular diet, and sleep and play in our accustomed places. And when your pets stay home, there’s no risk of them acquiring diseases from other animals in a kennel.